Women Empowerment and Participation Project(WEPP)

The Women Empowerment and Participation Project focuses on empowerment of women at the grassroot through sensitization and capacity building to improve their knowledge and awareness on basic facts about their human rights as women and as  stakeholders in the governance of the communities they live in. If women lack information and experience violence, it affects their overall well being and they cannot participate in governance around them which is important in a social change process needed to reduce the occurrence of injustices based on gender. The project objectives are as follows:

  • Build women’s resistance to gender based violence
  • Involve men and boys to improve the social perception of women
  • Sustain women’s  participation in governance


Youth for Gender Equality Project (YGEP)

Our Youth for Gender Equality Project focuses on intensive advocacy towards cultivating the culture of gender justice in young men and women, boys and girls as well. The youth constitutes a force in the struggle for justice at all levels. Often times, the perpetrators of gender based violence are men. One way to reduce the occurrence of gender based violence is through the sensitization of the potential perpetrators. Gender based violence is culturally justified with a reiteration of patriarchy which resurfaces all the time in different forms and trends over the years. This project area is based on existing research on culturally justified violence against women (including various religious interpretations that affect women) and the use of context based strategies to reduce its occurrence to zero. The programme objectives are as follows:

  • Increase involvement of youth particularly men and boys in the campaign against gender injustice
  • Demystification of culturally justified violence against women
  • Creation of youth friendly platforms for advocacy on gender based issues

Media Empowerment Project (MEP)

The Media Empowerment Project focuses on building the capacity and partnership with media personnel (journalists)) and media outfits in the campaign against gender injustices. The media is a powerful change agent and we see them as partners in the quest to see a world where gender justice is considered normal. Project objectives are as follows:

  • Increase media involvement in the campaign against gender injustice
  • Sustain partnership with the media on advocacy for gender justice

Gender and Law Advocacy Project (GLAP)

The Gender and Law Advocacy programme is focused on our support and involvement, through partnerships and networking with like-minded organizations in the effort to have gender friendly laws in place and the domestication of various commitments at the regional and international levels. The overall objectives for this project area are as follows:

  • Contribute to existing advocacy on gender friendly laws
  • Develop new strategies to ensure fulfillment of government commitments on international and regional laws
  • Simplification of some of the laws into local languages