Organizational Beginning

Eniyan Development Initiative for Gender Justice (EDIGJ) is a registered non profit, non governmental, human rights organization focused on advocacy for gender justice. The organization formally started in 2012. ‘Eniyan’ which is a word in one of the local languages in Nigeria means ‘Human’. The organization is established with a vision to see a world where gender justice is considered normal and a mission to contribute to the growth and development of a gender just world through human capacity development by undertaking research, publication, networking, advocacy and trainings to reduce unequal access to opportunities which affects women, thus reducing gender based discrimination.

Context of EDIGJ

The impact of Culturally Justified Violence (CVAW) including religious interpretations on women and girls in the unequal access to opportunities and rights cannot be under estimated. CVAW reiterates patriarchy and paves the way for gender stereotypes which reduces the status of women and contributes to the various trends of violence women and girls experience from time to time in many contexts including Nigeria.

The level of gender awareness, recognizing that women and men have a role to play in development particularly in democracy and governance in Nigeria and elsewhere is still very poor. This is against the background of the patriarchal belief (the notion of male control) which is prevalent in almost all communities in Nigeria. Although women take part in difficult roles, these roles are not recognized and are not very well appreciated. As a result women’s voices do not count. To create a platform for the recognition of women’s voices, the men need to understand the dynamics of gender mainstreaming to have a gender balanced society. A gender just society, that is, a society that gives equal opportunity to women and men, is the only panacea to a world free of poverty and discrimination which affects development. At the local level the organization works with local community organizations and government to reach out to women in particular and men in the local areas.

The organization exists to contribute to filling the gap in gender and development work and in particular, at the community level which is yet to be averagely covered in the scheme of development. The organization works from the grassroots, bringing global issues to the local level and also taking local issues to the desk in global discourses. In this regard, the organization contributes to local and global debates towards the realization of various government commitments in form of regional and international instruments.

Our Vision

A world where gender justice is considered normal

Our Mission

Contribute to the growth and development of a gender just world through human capacity development by undertaking research, publication, networking and advocacy  to reduce unequal access to opportunities which affects women, thus reducing gender based discrimination and violence against women.


  1. Conduct research to establish facts about gender based violence especially culturally justified violence against women
  2. Use of research findings for intervention from a gender perspective to improve the status of women such as active participation in governance and other processes.
  3. Conduct media sensitization at different levels towards improved reporting and reception of gender issues.
  4. Advocate for gender justice, mainstreaming, awareness and equality through the design and implementation of relevant development intervention projects.
  5. Initiate and promote efforts to deal with culturally justified violence against women (including religious interpretations), to improve the status given to women and girls by the society, men and boys as well.
  6.  Initiate Organizational Development (OD) process towards sustainability of individuals, NGOs and CBOs in Nigeria for sustainability of projects/interventions around Gender Justice aimed at a more visible social change process.
  7. Initiate and participate in efforts towards the formulation, review and implementation of national gender focused laws and domestication of regional and international instruments.
  8. Information dissemination/generation on gender related issues and network with like-minded organizations and governments at different levels locally and globally.

Core Values and Principles

  • That full human rights cannot be attained without due recognition of women’s human rights
  • That  gender justice  and equality is the bedrock to any development process
  • That  local community involvement at the grassroots is important in any development process
  • That individual and organizational  growth and development complement each other


  • Advocacy and networking
  • Research and Publication
  • Community and Resource mobilization
  • Organizational and individual capacity development